Movies Drama

  • Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High

    Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High

    0.0 1h 58m 2017 HD

    Teiichi Akaba is a student at a prestigious private male high school known for producing important politicians...

    Director: Akira Nagai

    Genre: Comedy

    Actors: Yudai Chiba

  • The Vanishing of Sidney Hall

    The Vanishing of Sidney Hall

    0.0 1h 57m 2018 HD

    Over the course of 12 years, and three stages of life, Sidney Hall falls in love, writes the book of...

    Director: Shawn Christensen

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Zakiya Young

  • The Summoning

    The Summoning

    0.0 1h 27m 2017 HD

    When a law student uncovers chilling secrets and places her life at risk, a bitter, rough-around-the-edges...

    Director: Alberto G. Rodriguez

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Rheagan Wallace

  • I Remember You

    I Remember You

    0.0 1h 45m 2017 HD

    After an older lady hangs herself in a church, a new psychiatrist discovers she was obsessed with the...

    Director: Vigfús Þormar Gunnarsson

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Þröstur Leó Gunnarsson

  • Curvature


    0.0 1h 30m 2017 HD

    Helen tries to cope with the recent death of her husband, a scientist who killed himself right when he...

    Director: Diego Hallivis

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Zach Avery

  • I Can Speak

    I Can Speak

    0.0 1h 59m 2017 HD

    An elderly woman who files endless complaints with the local office to right the wrongs around her forms...

    Director: Kim Hyun-suk

    Genre: Comedy

    Actors: Yeom Hye-ran

  • Family of Winners

    Family of Winners

    0.0 1h 37m 2017 HD

    A retired cyber game player recruits a team of rookies to play in the national league.

    Director: Wayne Wang

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Zi Ge Fang

  • Berlin Syndrome

    Berlin Syndrome

    0.0 1h 56m 2017 HD

    A passionate holiday romance leads to an obsessive relationship when an Australian photojournalist wakes...

    Director: Katharina Keil

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Viktor Baschmakov

  • Novitiate


    0.0 2h 3m 2017 HD

    In the early 1960s, during the Vatican II era, a young woman training to become a nun struggles with...

    Director: Margaret Betts

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Victoria Bradford

  • Beast of Burden

    Beast of Burden

    0.0 1h 30m 2018 HD

    Sean Haggerty only has an hour to deliver his illegal cargo. An hour to reassure a drug cartel, a hitman,...

    Director: Jesper Ganslandt

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Robert Wisdom

  • The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Showman

    0.0 1h 45m 2017 HD

    The story of American showman P.T. Barnum, founder of the circus that became the famous traveling Ringling...

    Director: Michael Gracey

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Ziv Zaifman

  • Steel Rain

    Steel Rain

    0.0 2h 19m 2017 HD

    A former agent from the North Korean intelligence and a senior member of the South Korean security services...

    Director: Yang Woo-Seok

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Park Eun-hye

  • Irreplaceable You

    Irreplaceable You

    0.0 1h 36m 2018 HD

    A couple who have known each other since 8 are destined to be together until death do them apart.

    Director: Stephanie Laing

    Genre: Comedy

    Actors: Zachary Hernandez

  • Wonder Wheel

    Wonder Wheel

    0.0 1h 41m 2017 HD

    The story of four characters whose lives intertwine amid the hustle and bustle of the Coney Island amusement...

    Director: Woody Allen

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Ziada Zienna

  • Marrowbone


    0.0 1h 50m 2017 HD

    A young man and his four younger siblings, who have kept secret the death of their beloved mother in...

    Director: Sergio G. Sánchez

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Tom Fisher

  • Fifty Shades Freed

    Fifty Shades Freed

    0.0 1h 46m 2018 HD

    Believing they have left behind shadowy figures from their past, newlyweds Christian and Ana fully embrace...

    Director: James Foley

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Tyler Hoechlin

  • Golden Exits

    Golden Exits

    0.0 1h 34m 2017 HD

    An intersectional narrative of two families in Brooklyn and the unraveling of unspoken unhappiness that...

    Director: Alex Ross Perry

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Mary-Louise Parker

  • The Man Who Invented Christmas

    The Man Who Invented Christmas

    0.0 1h 44m 2017 HD

    After a series his books have been flops, Charles Dickens decides to write and self-publish A Christmas...

    Director: Bharat Nalluri

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Simon Callow

  • Days of Power

    Days of Power

    0.0 1h 42m 2017 HD

    On their 2010 tour, an International Pop Star and band mates mysteriously disappear. As past and present...

    Director: Jason Pagnoni

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Jenny Hutton

  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist

    0.0 1h 44m 2017 HD

    An aspiring actor in Hollywood meets an enigmatic stranger by the name of Tommy Wiseau, the meeting leads...

    Director: James Franco

    Genre: Comedy

    Actors: Zoey Deutch