Sean Astin

  • eHero


    0.0 1h 25m 2018 HD

    An up-and-coming video gamer faces his greatest challenge yet as he and his team must overcome a fiery...

    Director: Joseph Procopio

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Varun Saranga

  • Balto III: Wings of Change

    Balto III: Wings of Change

    0.0 1h 16m 2004 HD

    Balto and the other sled dogs are feeling dejected because the mail that used to be delivered by dogsled...

    Director: Phil Weinstein

    Genre: Adventure

    Actors: Sean Astin

  • Amazing Love

    Amazing Love

    1h 20m 2012 HD

    Teen friends, Steve, Carrie, Cooper, and Gameboy embark on a weekend camping trip lead by their church...

    Director: Kevin Downes

    Genre: Drama

    Actors: Terrence Hardy Jr.